What a Week!

June 06, 2014 by

Hey all,

Last week perfectly summed up the variety of services ASL has to offer, so I thought I’d share with you a recap:

On Monday we were hired by a Paris-based animation company and filmed an interview with renowned sketch artist Peter De Seve who created the concept art for The Little Prince an animated film which will debut in 2015.

Tuesday we serviced our weekly clients Air Age Media and Infragistics, creating and editing a wide variety of content.

On Wednesday we kicked off filming a new project for Nielsen helping their company attract the best talent in the industry. In addition to revising our treatment to make sure our videos will be on point, we scouted their office and helped them select the best locations to film interviews at a later date.

Thursday saw two shoots. In the morning we were in Montclair, NJ profiling a company that makes prosthetic eyes and in the evening we had a three-camera shoot with celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson as part of AOL’s Experts series.

Friday, we received an unexpected phone call. A documentary we worked on a year prior, was seeing it’s main subject released from prison. Less than an hour after receiving the call we were on our way to Allenwood, PA to film our subjects first moments of freedom in 13 months.


Saturday morning we were right back to work capturing B-roll of Nielsen Cares charity day. And by Sunday we had edited the Tracy Anderson video, revised content for Infragistics and Air Age and had 3 hard drives ready to be sent around the world for others to work with our footage.

If you need professional video support, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

ASL Productions, For all Your Video Needs.

Thanks much,
Adam Lebenstein

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