Video Production: How we make Dialogue feel Real

February 02, 2017 by

While much of our work comes in non-narrative form with interviews and testimonials to carry the story, our New York and New Jersey video production crews are also comfortable catering to a narrative need. We are a team of storytellers, no matter the format. One of the biggest keys to a successful narrative commercial is accurate dialogue and, in turn, a believable performance.


Believable Dialogue

If you listen carefully and notice, cinematic dialogue sounds almost nothing like real dialogue. There’s a certain kind of snappiness and smartness that goes into a narrative tale. Bad commercials typically suffer from bad dialogue, and if the audience doesn’t buy what the commercial is saying they’re certainly not going to buy the product. Much like telling the visual story, the dialogue must feel natural and immersive, or else the audience walks away feeling overwhelmed. Our New York and New Jersey video production staff understands how to portray dialogue realistically, while at the same time tell an immersive story. We have a whole team of wonderful writers and visionary storytellers that know how to capture the moods and words that your product or service needs.


Believable Acting

Akin to believable dialogue is believable acting; they truly go hand in hand. It’s frustrating enough to have good actors working with bad dialogue, but even worse is when your good dialogue is matched with a bad performance. The actor is the main vessel for your product’s message being told. We have a large base of actors of all different looks, ages, and abilities, but all of our connections share the same caliber of talent and work ethic. We trust these actors to carry our writing and, ultimately, your product.


Performance is only a small part of what goes into a production, but it’s likely one of the most important factors. As the literal visual face of your service or product, you don’t want your message to fall flat. Our New York and New Jersey video production crews can help. For more information on how we can collaborate to tell your story, be sure to reach out to ASL Productions through our Contact page.

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