Testimonials Case Studies

A common ASL production involves telling how a product came to life or how much a company loves using a particular brand or product. We bring your testimonials and case studies to life without losing their authenticity. No matter what the product or story, we can keep your audience engaged and focused on the message being presented.

Video testimonials and case studies are a powerful tool for inspiring action. Third parties always make a better sell because they can be perceived to have no stake in the results. How many times have you tried a restaurant because a trusted friend made a recommendation, versus seeing an advertisement for the restaurant? And while consumers know video testimonials to be contrived, the psychological tactic remains effective. See these testimonials we did for the New York Health and Racquet Club for a great example.

Another example is our work with Miele, for which we produced video testimonials by real Miele customers in their actual working environments. For the video linked above, plastic surgeon Dr. Zubowski and his staff speak to the value of Miele’s sanitation machine, which they use to clean surgical instruments quickly and effectively.

Our testimonials are all real – no actors! We know you’ve heard that before, but in our case it’s absolutely true. And as a result, the sincerity of our testimonials shines through, making these testimonials work.

Case studies have their own power – they use objective criteria to avoid the direct sell. You can’t argue with facts! If a product, service or initiative is actually effective, there’s no better way to show that than with real metrics. And again, while consumers know that statistics can be easily manipulated, it feels good to have your research done for you, and audiences still react to case studies.

As with all our video content at ASL Productions, the secret sauce is our attention to the story. Whenever we produce a video testimonial or case study, we consider the story we’re telling carefully and ensure that our testimonial subjects fit the mold for a trusted friend of our audience, and that our case studies include the facts that matter most without anything more to distract the audience.

If you would like to get started on the production of a professional-quality customer testimonial or case study video with us today, contact us at any time and we’ll discuss your project. We have all of the resources and experience to leave you satisfied with the final video production whenever you work with us.


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