Our Video Production Services

ASL Productions is a full service multimedia studio that specializes in creative communication. Our services range from corporate videos and branding to interviews and testimonials, encompassing each stage of the production process: conceptualizing, video production and post production. Each project we take on is an audiovisual masterpiece in its own right, designed and executed to creatively attain our clients’ goals while engaging with their target audience. With years of experience and a national, award-winning team of experts, there is no photo we can’t capture nor any video we can’t shoot. No project we take on will fail to go above and beyond your expectations — that’s the ASL Productions guarantee!

Product videos are a key video marketing tool. Any business that provides a product or service can benefit from using them in their marketing strategy. They are seen on social media campaigns, landing pages and product pages. These content marketing powerhouses lead to higher conversion rates across the board. They can be featured on company websites, social media accounts or product pages. The purpose of this video content is to educate potential customers on product features while showing the product in action.

ASL’s Approach to Product Videos

At ASL Productions, we work closely with our clients to produce high quality content that keeps audiences entertained and interested throughout. Product videos are no different and require just as much time and energy to produce. Today, products include apps, software and other online products making it more important than ever to plan for your production.

From next season’s clothing line to an app utilized for construction safety, we’ve done it all. Understanding how to highlight a product’s features is critical for any product launch or introduction.

ASL regularly produces explainers, demo videos, product explainers & retail showcases. What makes these videos successful is the understanding that consumers don’t want to be sold products. They want to be shown information so they can make an educated decision. So, with that in mind, we set out to highlight the the benefits and uses of products in engaging ways.

Different Kinds of Product Videos

Products videos are typically produced in one of two ways. The first is a video which shows the features of the item and walks you through how they work. One example of this is the Work Market video we made. In this video you can see how the audience is shown all they can do with the product.

The other way you can utilize a product video is showing off the beauty of an item. For Thermador we shows a well known celebrity chef and the incredible dishes she created with the product. This is more of an emotional appeal than a technical explainer product video and both are very effective.

The value of working with ASL Productions is that we bring more to the table than just technical production services. From creative planning to execution and delivery, we help create video that brings your products and production to life.

Other Terms for Product Videos

  • Product Explainer Video
  • Product Demo
  • Demo Video
  • Key Feature Video
  • Content Marketing Video
  • Product Launch Video
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