Our Video Production Services

ASL Productions is a full service multimedia studio that specializes in creative communication. Our services range from corporate videos and branding to interviews and testimonials, encompassing each stage of the production process: conceptualizing, video production and post production. Each project we take on is an audiovisual masterpiece in its own right, designed and executed to creatively attain our clients’ goals while engaging with their target audience. With years of experience and a national, award-winning team of experts, there is no photo we can’t capture nor any video we can’t shoot. No project we take on will fail to go above and beyond your expectations — that’s the ASL Productions guarantee!

Any basis of product marketing starts with a quality image of your product.  From digital to print strategy, the staple of displaying a good product must be an eye-capturing image.  Beyond high-resolution photos, the staging and aesthetic environment of your product goes further to show it’s effectiveness and usage.  Showing a bar of soap made from natural ingredients in a woodland area automatically tells a visual story before your intended audience even has to read the copy.  We emphasize both the product and the product’s surroundings in our photography, using every pixel to our advantage in an effort to capture attention and broaden the products appeal.

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