Our Video Production Services

ASL Productions is a full service multimedia studio that specializes in creative communication. Our services range from corporate videos and branding to interviews and testimonials, encompassing each stage of the production process: conceptualizing, video production and post production. Each project we take on is an audiovisual masterpiece in its own right, designed and executed to creatively attain our clients’ goals while engaging with their target audience. With years of experience and a national, award-winning team of experts, there is no photo we can’t capture nor any video we can’t shoot. No project we take on will fail to go above and beyond your expectations — that’s the ASL Productions guarantee!

Animation video production is a great way to tell a story. Animation often allows for more options and creativity. This means you are not forced to hire additional crew or scout locations. These and other considerations can mean animation is a great way to go.

In addition, animation videos can be a great way to discuss a delicate subject matter or add variety to a project. Whatever the reason you are considering animation, there are a lot of ways it can be accomplished.

For example, our video for Nielsen, “The Multicultural Consumer,” is a great example. We use animation and graphics to highlight data Nielsen maintains on consumers. We use these so the audience can make connections between data and people. This helps create an effective and creative online animated video. This video is still active on social media, landing pages, video presentations and more.

Animation videos are great for

  • Whiteboard Videos
  • Explainer Videos
  • Product Videos
  • Demo Videos
  • Educational Videos

As seen above, animation videos are a great way to explain technical products and services. Because typical productions include lighting, crew members and makeup artists on set they can get expensive. However, when making an animation there is just one person, a computer, and very little else. Given the lower number of crew involved, animated content is often more cost effective.

As with any production, there’s a range of quality and pricing of animations that serve a client’s needs. While high production value animations you see in Pixar movies can be expensive, there are more options when using animation. Therefore, you can create what you need without breaking the bank.

So if you think you might use animation in your next video production, ASL Productions will help you get started. Let us help create animated video for you today! Contact us to let us help you figure out the best kind of animation for you.

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