Resourcefulness- the Secret Sauce to a Great Video Production Company

July 07, 2017 by

One of our hallmarks at ASL Productions, and what has given us the ability to rank among the best production companies in NJ, Fl, and NY, is our resourcefulness. While we produce the majority of our work using the same in-house production crew, we attribute much of our success in servicing larger clients to having built a vast, reliable network of operators across the country. So no matter the request or location, we are always able to deliver quickly and with the high level of service and quality for which we’re known locally in NYC and the tri-state area.

Video Production Support

When producing video content for larger clients, we often receive highly specific requests, like shooting with particular cameras and lenses, and finding specialized operators. For example, we recently crewed a Red Epic operator with anamorphic lenses on extremely short notice, along with a gaffer and grip to set up HMI lights and a Fisher 11 dolly. We’ve fulfilled similar requests while filming for HBO, Turner Sports, and special projects like the Frank Ocean album release video.

video production crew filming an interview

Our agility helps us serve a lot of different client types. We bring video solutions to hundreds of retail and e-commerce sites, social channels, online content publishers and numerous television networks, as well as provide support to other video production companies by expanding their capacity to serve their own clients and partners.

Our current partnership with Barstool Sports comprises a perfect example of our resourcefulness. Barstool is a 15-year-old company that publishes sports and comedic content online and is widely popular among men ages 18 to 45. As their platform has expanded, Barstool has grown into publishing very frequent, topical content from dozens of creators. But having only a handful of in-house content producers, they require a lot of production support—this is where ASL comes in.

Full-Service Video Production

video production crew filming a sports event

With a full range of production ability, from conceptualizing and shooting to editing and finishing, ASL makes a perfect partner for supporting massive amounts of content production, while doing so efficiently, affordably, and at our high standard of quality. During the last six months, ASL has produced for Barstool in cities across the country, including Miami, Orlando, Jacksonville, Atlanta, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and Chicago, in addition to numerous projects in NYC and the tri-state area. These shoots are often unscripted, run-and-gun productions for which our crews need to stay on their toes, but we shoot planned, stylized productions for Barstool as well.

Here are a few examples of the different styles of content we shoot for Barstool.

Every time one of our partners calls, we are ready with a production solution. So go ahead, call ASL Productions today and put us to the test!

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