Reasons to Use ASL Productions For All Your Video Needs: 5-8

March 03, 2016 by

5. Experience – ASL Productions has been producing quality video content across multiple industries since 2003. We know what our clients want and we know how to deliver that want in a professional manner while easing our clients’ burden and stress. We live video production every day but if you keep reading you’ll see that our knowledge extends well beyond actual production. In today’s digital media market, you need to have confident answers to any client’s questions. We have that confidence because we’ve exceeded client expectations for 13 years and counting.

6. Your Soup To Nuts Solution – It’s amazing how many different aspects of life and society go into producing a quality video. Not only do you need experts at every set crew position but you need prop artists, set designers and hair and makeup people. On the post-production side, you need music licensing companies, colorists, sound designers and audio mixers. You need animators, illustrators and in today’s day and age you need influencers, social media savants and gif experts. You need to know about file formats, file sizes, where the end product will live. To be a quality producer or production company, the knowledge needs to extend well beyond who is a great camera operator and who can light a pretty picture. From pre-production planning, through an amazing shoot, to enhancing it all in post-production, we lead and guide our clients every step of the way.


7. Industry Specific Knowledge – Every week there’s not only a new camera on the market, but it seems like a new camera manufacturer. And each company’s products have their own quirks and knick-knacks. We’re up on the latest trends, reading all the reviews and getting our hands dirty with as many different products as we can. So, if you need the latest RED Weapon 6K footage or Sony A7S Mark II, we’ll know where to get it, how to use it and be prepared for those unexpected moments on set when the strange icon that ends up meaning, “camera over-heat” comes on.

8. Flexible Staff to Accommodate Any Budget – We know how to tackle your project, be it large or small. If you need a 15-person crew with a grip truck and HMI lights we know where to turn. If you need a 1 man band for a run and gun interview, we’ve got you covered there as well.

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