The Power of a Promo Video for your Business

November 11, 2016 by

The key to making a good company promotional video is to portray it as both believable and appealing. Whether you are going for a humorous or serious portrayal of your service, our creative team at ASL will build an ideal promo video that showcases the unique qualities of your service and brand. To help show you what to expect with our production services, here is a look inside how we approach your video, from inception to post-production. Also be sure to check out some of our recent work for other companies.


Idea development

Whether you are promoting a company, event, or person, every promo video is meant to support an idea. What is the reason that people should listen? Why should they care about your service? Once we establish this, we can build a story around it. The story does not have to be a typical narrative. It can be a series of interviews, a description of your service, or anything else that comes to mind. Once we figure out the message of your video, we will begin the script and pre-production development. The script and all other interested aspects of the video will be cleared with you before going into production.


Promo Video Production

Once we have the script, performers, schedule, and inventory secured, we will move on to production. The directing, camera, lighting, sound, and art department all carry extensive equipment and resources in order to bring your vision to life. We balance our budget with the fulfillment of your vision, so that we remain economic while still exceeding expectations. All of our production teams are well trained in their fields, each maintaining a healthy balance of creativity and technical excellence.



Once all of the footage is collected, we bring it all into the editing room. Our skilled editors assemble the footage that lines up with your visual style, while offering new, creative ideas to enhance the cut. Our digital editing suites offer special adjustments for picture, sound, and visual effects. Our production team stays in touch with the editors to collaborate on any needed effects. For example, if we are shooting on a green screen, then all of the parameters and logistics of the special effect is recorded for the editor to properly adjust it as planned.


Here at ASL Productions, we believe that the most productive way to bring your company’s vision to life is to carry a positive spirit of collaboration. Everyone at ASL is treated like a family, which makes the job performed much more like a family project than just work. We enjoy what we do and who we do it with, so no matter what company enters our doors, they always come away with a project that feels as gratifying as the people who made it.


For further information on our creative and technical process, visit our services page here.

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