Professional Photography

Professional photography is an integral part of any company's marketing plan. Having a photographer on site provides marketing assets across a number of mediums. Leveraging these assets on your digitally or through traditional mediums contribute to your brand identity and act as a native advertisement for your business.

We've provided our professional photography services for brands that span a wide spectrum of industry. From the Barclays Center and Dean Foods, to Footlocker and Degree, ASL has provided corporate photography services to some of the biggest brands in America and abroad

At ASL, we work with our clients to understand their values and how we can showcase them through our photographic images. Our process begins with a creative outline to make sure we know every detailed image we want to capture. Then, we create a shot list to capture organic and staged images based on the schedule and activities of the production.

As with all of our production and marketing services, we hold our professional photography services up to the highest standards. We pride ourselves on using only the latest in photography technology and equipment. Our professional photographers and producers have a keen sense of how to tell your story through their years of experience and expertise. Along with our video production services, our professional photography services adds value to any corporate setting.

One of the biggest differentiators of corporate offices is an office work culture.  You don’t always have three to four minutes of video to tell your story. Properly done, a single photo can capture the feeling of a company.  Employees working in an office can feel like flat stock imagery. In our corporate photography work, we can supplement a blasé background of an office with personality and warmth.  We understand the effectiveness of a photo shot with intent, and the value of an image that tells a story beyond its flat surface.

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