New York Video Production: Using the city to tell a story

December 12, 2016 by

New York City is known as the icon of American culture. As a video production company, we often take advantage of the various resources that is provided by the city. We don’t just mean tax and permit resources; we are referring to the city itself. New York is a melting pot of culture and carries numerous possibilities to tell a story. Whether you are in need of a corporate video, interview, or testimonial, the big apple has plenty of raw material. Here is how ASL utilizes New York video production to tell quality stories.


Iconic Sets

Once you see a certain city on TV, in a movie, or on the Internet, there is a special communication between the audience and the filmmaker. The story is immediately established where the video takes place. Therefore, instead of taking extra time to set up a recognizable setting, you can just focus on your story. Architecture also provides numerous story opportunities, with each artistic influence granting a certain personality to the setting. An orthodox church, modern glass building, and Queens apartment each offers a different emotion. If you are looking for a good setting for an interview, then the city has something for everyone.


Cultural personality choices

Aside from the personality of the buildings, New York carries many cultural personalities that lend themselves to various stories. There is the youthful exploration of children, the nightlife scene of 20-year olds, the day-to-day bustle of corporate jobs, and so much more. That is not even counting the different personalities of Manhattan, Staten Island, Brooklyn, Harlem, Queens, and others. New York has its history in being a cultural melting pot, so there are plenty of talented people to showcase in New York video production. Take a look at our Nieslen multicultural consumer video for an example of how cultural demographics bring a unique personality to a story.


Large amount of talent and crew

Now take into account the people who work for us. Many crew and cast members got their training in New York video production, and often move here for regular business. Every crewmember at ASL performs to the highest standard of efficiency, no matter the project. But the great thing about the city is that just when you think you have the best team, you discover someone new with a talent you never imagined. The same can be said about the performers, actors, and interviewers that we hire. The sea of talent for plays, movies, and news is so competitive that although many shine through, there are plenty forgotten in the searching. That is why our doors are always open to all kinds of talent, whether or not if they have the longest credits or simply great potential.




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