How New York City provides Top Video Production Talent

January 01, 2017 by

When people imagine film or video production, most of the time they think of Los Angeles, California. Now, although that may be the most iconic kingdom of screen production, it is not the only one in the country. New York City has always been home to a vast array of special talent, including no shortage of film and video crew. ASL is proud to be a company that serves as a pillar for NYC video production. We are lucky to be a company that can house incredibly talented men and women in all of the fields of production. Here are some examples of how New York City nurtures some of the best in video production.



You can’t go a few blocks down Manhattan without seeing someone holding a camera. Aside from this wonderful passion, the camera department carries such a professional quality with all of the work and training currently in the city. This is due to the vast number of commercial, sports, and corporate videos that are set in the city. The training comes from experience beginning with entry-level jobs inhabiting these mediums. However, there are also plenty of film schools that train young cinematographers, such as NYU.



New York is an iconic home for some of the world’s greatest writers. It is a place that spawns ideas every day, and with the varying kinds of productions comes the varying kinds of stories that are told. A hilarious cell phone commercial is being written in the same building as a current-event reporter.



Like the camera department, directing is a broad category. This is especially the case for NYC video production. It can require one set of skills for live news, and entirely different set of skills for corporate video production. Generally what a Director does is make sure that the creativity of the production runs smoothly. That could mean telling the cameras where to point, or what the actors need to say. However, the broadness of the directing field in New York allows for the seasoned veterans to retain a larger set of skills than anyone trained in a singular field.


ASL is a company that understands the sensibilities of talent. That is why we hire the best of the best in NYC Video Production. For some of our previous videos, please be sure to take a look at our work page. For more information on how you can utilize our team’s services, be sure to contact us. The only thing we require is that you be as excited as we are.

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