We are creative visual storytellers, but in order to get the best outcome for our clients, we must understand their business. Thankfully, we have a broad range of experience across a diverse number of industries. So if you’re looking to tell the story of your manufacturing company, or why a pharmaceutical drug should be used, we have the experience and know-how to root out your target audience and exceed your businesses video goals.

Hospitality is one of the largest industries in the world. Now more than ever, there are opportunities to create impressions to help put your hospitality brand on the map. Whether it is destination, food, tourism, or culture, ASL can produce an amazing hospitality video to show your brand as a cut above the rest.

Like in most industries, hospitality and lifestyle brands are in large part defined by consumer experience, but even more so in their case because in hospitality, the experience often is the product or service. For this reason, promoting hospitality and lifestyle brands requires capturing experience, a difficult task.

Most people are familiar with the cliché, “a photograph doesn’t do it justice.” That’s why we use video to help hospitality and lifestyle brands capture and relate the full measure of the experience they offer. And still, successfully capturing experience takes skill. At ASL Productions, we accomplish this using both scripted and unscripted strategies, and the value of our service is our prowess with both. As with any video production, we start by establishing the end-goal and the emotion we’re conveying, then develop a tailored creative treatment and style plan, always focusing on the unique beauty of each location, service or event.

As an example, we love this tourism/ awareness campaign we produced for the Appalachian Mountain Club and Coalition for the Delaware River Watershed. We have also been a proud sponsor of the Independent Lodging Conference, a group of independent hoteliers and restaurateurs bringing creativity and innovation to the industry.

Call ASL today to discuss how we can help connect more consumers with your brand’s experience.

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