We are creative visual storytellers, but in order to get the best outcome for our clients, we must understand their business. Thankfully, we have a broad range of experience across a diverse number of industries. So if you’re looking to tell the story of your manufacturing company, or why a pharmaceutical drug should be used, we have the experience and know-how to root out your target audience and exceed your businesses video goals.

Non profit video production is a valuable resource to any philanthropic organization or government group. However, in order to be a good investment these productions cannot be cost prohibitive. Therefore, it’s important to not only create great content, but to be creative in where you spend the budget and on what.

Visual story through non profit video production is a great way for groups to get their message and cause across. Creating an emotional connection is a valuable tool to raise awareness.

Much like startups and small businesses, our nonprofit and government partners often have limited resources. Because of this, ASL Productions is an excellent collaborator for these kinds of projects. Nonprofits and government institutions differentiate themselves by more than their resources. They have a broad range of production requirements that cannot be ignored.

While we do beautiful promotional work for nonprofits, such as the tourism campaign we produced for the Appalachian Mountain Club and Coalition for the Delaware River Watershed, and our promotional work for Tamid Group, sometimes these partners have more practical needs. For example, we partner with the Hoboken City Council in New Jersey to film their meetings for archival purposes.

As with our large corporate and institutional partners, our ability to serve as a one-stop-shop for a full range of production needs differentiates us from most other production companies our size, and makes us an excellent partner for nonprofits and governments.

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