How a corporate video’s story represents a company

January 01, 2017 by

Corporate videos, like all media, exist to represent a set of ideas. Where movie trailers represent a Film’s story, a corporate video represents a company. However, this concerns far more than just general information about the company’s practices. As essential as that information is, no one will bother to listen to the video if it isn’t made with well-defined quality. In order to judge how a company works, it is important to take a look at their work output (which includes how they present themselves). That is why we at ASL believe that corporate video production should represent the company not just through the story, but also through the style of telling the story.


Story Approach

The story of a company can be many different things. It could be a literal story of how the company came to be. Company ideals and values are also a potential story. Essentially, the story is whatever information the company wants to get across through its video. Now, one might assume that you just need to be clear in describing the story and the clients will find your company more appealing. While that might be true of a blog, it is not, however, the case with corporate video production. Any kind of video needs to portray a certain quality and style that matches the feel of the company. A bubbly, colorful branding company should be presented as such, just as they would represent themselves in logos, outreach, and all other forms of corporate presentation.


Quality and Style

Whenever a potential client sees a corporate video, they subconsciously want to be entertained. The entertainment doesn’t necessarily have to be over-the-top exciting, but it should be appealing in its approach. The setting should be enticing, as well as the characters and wardrobe. The director essentially needs to translate basic corporate information into the message of an appealing short film. Not only that, but they also need to tailor the style of the video to the company’s general feel. One does not advertise a law firm the same way they’d advertise a toy store.



Now, that may seem very difficult to do. However, through the creativity of various storytellers and technicians, ASL knows exactly how to deliver a powerfully enticing corporate video. Any videos we produce are made with a quality that matches not only the quality of the company but also the company’s ideas and tone. Please be sure to check out our previous clients and work examples. For further information on how we can build a corporate video for you, please be sure to contact as well.

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