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Marketing companies that focus on experiential events were hit hard during the Covid pandemic. In-person events and public installations were no longer part of their client’s campaigns. To find ways to continue servicing their clients, they had to pivot.


ASL Productions’ unique video and remote production solutions have enabled experiential marketing firms to maintain, even increase, their value to their partners and clients. With nationwide reach and our extensive production capabilities, ASL is a valued collaborator for any experiential marketing company.

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Branded Content

Creating branded content videos similar usually take a large crew to create the right way. For this shoot, ASL provided a socially distanced crew, paired down crew, without compromising quality or production value. Remote viewing was available for our client who wanted to oversee the shoot. Our dedicated producer was on the remote view to liaise between client and crew on the ground.

When productions could no longer have large crews and marketing agencies couldn’t have their teams on set, ASL pivoted to a successful alternative. Branded content videos, like At Home Spritz, are a perfect example of how marketing strategies can continue to be executed in the era of Covid. Let us know how ASL can help produce your next branded content video.

Self Shot, Professionally Produced Content for Virtual Events

As conferences and events have become virtual, companies have had to figure out a way to involve their key personnel and inspire participation. ASL produces assets for virtual events like this video for Martini & Rossi. Our producer walks clients through the best practices to capture themselves via computer or mobile device. While filming yourself is becoming more prevalent in our culture, details such as which way the light is facing and providing depth in your background are crucial to creating palatable video assets.

After producing dozens of virtual conferences and events, ASL has a streamlined approach to helping our clients achieve the best possible self-shot videos. Our producers have become experts in achieving the creative goals of our clients for their virtual events. Contact ASL today to discuss how we can help produce self-shot videos for your next virtual event.

Smaller Scale, Highly Produced Activations

Nationwide activations are nothing new for Experiential Marketing companies. In the era of Covid, however, they present unique challenges. The days of agencies and brands flying to each activation seem to be coming to an end. Large video crews collaborating in tight spaces can also be considered a relic. Let alone having the entire crew traveling to each activation location. There is a way to pivot and continue producing activations that span multiple states, similar to how ASL helped produce the Olay activation in the video example.

Our experienced team of producers handle all of the pre-production and logistic coordination. Over the years, ASL has developed a robust roster of highly skilled and specialty operators who work across North America. By utilizing our roster, ASL eliminates the need to fly crew to different activation locations. ASL’s remote viewing capabilities allows our agency and brand clients to watch the action as if they were on set. To learn more email us today at Contact@aslproductions.com.

Small Crew, Remote Viewing Productions

Flying crew all over the country to capture content was the norm before Covid hit. With talented partners nationwide, ASL was able to provide crew in 12 cities across North America for Bombay Sapphire’s Most Imaginative Bartender series. We utilized our large database of producers and operators to provide small crews without sacrificing quality or consistency. On all 12 shoots, we were able to utilize our remote viewing capabilities to allow our clients to watch and give notes in real time.

Our roster of skilled collaborators allows us to provide socially distanced crews that wear multiple hats on set. This gives us the ability to be Covid compliant in the tightest locations and provide the high quality video assets that our clients have come to expect from ASL Productions. All the while, our agency partners or clients are able to monitor from the location of their choice. Email us today at Contact@aslproductions.com to determine if ASL can provide small crews for your team all over the country.

Highlight Success Sizzle

Although the last year plus has been challenging for everyone, it’s important to showcase recent highlights and upcoming initiatives as part of your marketing strategy. The post-production department at ASL has extensive experience creating live action and animated sizzle reels. We’re able to use our partners’ assets and as much or as little creative direction as they want to create dynamic reels for their marketing campaigns.

ASL’s producers and editors collaborate with our clients to bring their creative visions to life. VFX, motion graphics and animation are all part of the ASL post-production toolbox and come in handy for sizzle reels of all kind. Reach out today to speak with one of our producers about your post-production needs.

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