Drones, Set Builds and Remote Productions

March 03, 2021 by

We have continued our busy streak with lots of projects in all phases of production. Our team has been working hard to maintain our quality and agility for our partners and as long as they are happy, we know we are on the right track. 

Lets take a look at some of the work that’s been keeping our clients so pleased!

Recently, we partnered with Team Enterprises and Olay to help them with a very unique project. Olay wanted to highlight the gender gap in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). Their campaign delivered science lessons focused on skin hydration, via drones to teachers across the country. ASL assisted with the drone delivery mechanism and produced teaser and recap videos to be aired on Olay’s social media channels, as well as on a segment of Good Morning America!

On February 11th, we provided camera teams in 3 markets, Florida, Arizona and Pennsylvania and filmed the drones delivering the science kits to the teachers front doors, as well as their reactions. We also handled all post-production including  animation and graphics in the video above. 

Barstool Sports recently brought us on to help them produce the show “Surviving Barstool.” The show put 8 Barstool personalities against each other to see who could win daily challenges and survive living one full week at the Barstool offices. 

We had 10 days from the conception of the idea to first shoot day, to create a set in their office that gave off a “Survivor” look and feel. In addition to creating and building the set, we lit it to set the mood using our ARRI Sky Panels S-60s , Aputure 300s and multiple Kino Quasars.

For the 2 hour finale, we built a control room and oversaw live-streaming of the broadcast.  As soon as the champion was crowned, we had to break it all down, move it out and return that office area to a normal working environment.   Next month we’ll fill you in on lots of custom set and prop creations for Barstool sponsors surrounding the sports of hockey and the NCAA basketball tournament.

One of the things we’ve transitioned to quite successfully during Covid is remote broadcasting and producing.  Our skills were put to the test when the Colle McVoy agency and their client RoGator came calling.

RoGator, which provides farming equipment to farms across North America, was looking to elevate two Zoom panel discussions about the state of the American farming industry. 

ASL enhanced the production by sending upgraded, camera, audio and lighting equipment to each of the 10 participants across the country and Canada.  Additionally, our producer Patrick, advises each participant in advance of the shoot to make sure everything is seamless during the broadcast. ASL records the Zoom feeds on multiple computers. This creates iso and gallery files so RoGator has multiple feeds to take into edit for a seamless post production.

Zoom conversations for companies like RoGator is just 1 of the many offerings we have developed to continue to capture professional content throughout Covid, even in an environment with no crew. 

Another Team Enterprises client, Cox Automotive partnered with ASL to create sizzle videos for their annual consumer conference. The video recap the conference and highlight all of the initiatives Cox created during 2020. The video also looks forward to how they will continue to lead in the auto sales industry in 2021.

ASL helped concept the storyboards for each video and then animated  it to life with energetic music, upbeat transitions and visual effects. 

Stay tuned for more animated videos in next month’s newsletter!

The fun never stops here in ASL land.  Next month we have a celebrity hockey event to fill you in on, as well as sets being built in the middle of a restaurant.  Also, we dive into alcohol education, creating videos about the history of different alcohol categories. Follow our LinkedIn and Instagram for the latest of what we’re up to each and every day. 

Do you need support creating content? We’d love to hear from you and discuss how we can bring your vision to life!

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