Bringing Your Business to Life

September 09, 2016 by

Being professional is undoubtedly an important part of running any sort of business, but being professional doesn’t always have to manifest itself in the same way.  Though it may be considered professional to keep formal and impersonal, it’s not always the best way to acquire new customers and interest old ones.  Showing your personality, being funny and creative, and generally doing things in unique and inventive ways will do more for your business than doing things by the book.  Being original and representing yourself accurately also lends a sense of authenticity that clients crave.  A professionally planned and produced video is a great way to show your business’ personality and get people excited about working with you.

Showcasing Employees

An easy way to bring your business to life is to showcase the people who work there.  Allowing your employees to show their personalities makes your company seem much more accessible and familiar to your customer base, and people much prefer to work with those that they feel like they know and trust.  Showcasing your employees can be achieved through several means, the simplest being interviews in which they can speak freely about themselves and their experiences in your field and with customers.  You can also shoot a documentary style film in which viewers feel like their getting a sneak peek of what goes on behind the scenes at your business.  This gives your company a sense of transparency that further improves customer relations and builds trust.

Your Origin Story

A great way to relate to your customers is by sharing with them the story of how your company came to be and what your mission is.  Knowing your business’ foundations is comforting for customers, and shows how you’ve evolved and improved over time in order to provide the best products and/or services that you can for them.  Because the story is yours to tell, you can take license with it and tell it in any way you see fit.  You can make it funny, poignant, informative, or really set any tone that you think will appeal to your desired customer base.  A video to display your origin story is an entertaining and genuine way to bring your business to life and let customers know that they’re dealing with real people that really have their best interest in mind.

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