What are Some Basic Video Tips for Creating an Authentic Case Study?

January 01, 2018 by

According to a study conducted by Kleiner Perkins Caufield, online video accounts for 74% of all online traffic, and case studies are no exception. Video case studies can be highly beneficial to your company, serving as authentic recommendations for other potential clients while further promoting your brand through social media and other outlets. Customers themselves will be able to say in their own words how your product or service has worked for them, which is significantly more effective than simply pushing your brand to prospects.


Here are some tips to help create the most authentic case study videos for your business.


Understand Exactly What You’re Marketing

Prior to getting started on your case studies, you should have a deep understanding of the specific problems your customers have that you’ve helped solve, along with how you’ve solved them through your product or service offerings. This will help shape your case studies into convincing windows to your solutions.


A good case study video will feature the client detailing the issue they had before working with you, followed by their story about how you helped them resolve it. This will help other clients facing similar issues determine if you’re worth their time and money.


Perform All the Necessary Research and Preparation

Rather than simply going for the first business that comes to mind, consider how each of your existing and past customers have used your products or services. You can look into your system to determine which businesses are using what, and determine which of your offerings are the most popular and worth featuring in a case study.


For instance, if you offer a type of workflow management software, you can look at all of the companies and industries using it, and shoot case studies based on the industry or even the location if your software is used internationally. You’ll also want to focus on the businesses that take advantage of most if not all of your software features, as they’ll be the most familiar with it and be able to discuss it more thoroughly.



Travel to Your Clients’ Locations

Few things say “authentic” like shooting your videos where your customers use your product. In these settings, clients will be able to detail a typical work day and effectively show how you have helped them in the workplace. It also further cements your clientele as real people in need of a solution to a common issue.


In taking these steps and considerations into account, you can create top-quality case study videos that truly engage and encourage your target audience.

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