Back at it Again with the Amazing Video Content

April 04, 2016 by

Hello ASL Friends,

ASL Productions is back at it again! And no, we’re not wearing white on white Vans. We are producing amazing video content and are excited to share all news ASL.

The month of March started with post-production, and lots of it. We shot our Degree March Madness campaign and had lots to do to get the spots tournament ready. Sound designers, colorists, animators, and multiple editors all played a part and the end product reflected the intensity and feel of a real life basketball game. See for yourself at the top of the page.

We’ve also been doing a lot of animated videos for IT companies. Here is an example of one such video with Whitlock and how they use Hewlett Packard Enterprise systems to deliver better results for their clients.


Filming highlights for the month included a trip to Washington D.C. for a case study on the Special Olympics and how Nielsen surveys helped their organization improve their marketing. We also ventured closer to home to Princeton University, continuing our partnership with American Sports Network to tell athlete stories.


ASL’s schedule reached superhero levels as we covered the red carpet premier of Batman vs. Superman. Turkish Airlines was a sponsor for the blockbuster movie and ASL Productions was on the red carpet helping highlight their efforts.


We also participated in a shoot with PwC. We’ve filmed in a lot of internal company studios but hadn’t seen many brands put together as effective an environment as PwC. The space featured a control room, automated systems, plenty of flat screens, even a jib.


Can’t get enough ASL content? Check out our blog posts and videos from New York Fashion Week.

There really isn’t a question we haven’t encountered or a production problem we can’t solve. Email us at or get social with the buttons below. Lets bring your vision to life!

Thanks for your time, it is greatly appreciated!


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