ASL’s Recent Corporate Video Interview Trip to Raleigh

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The ASL video crew recently headed down to Raleigh NC to film man-on-the-street corporate video interviews.



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Our production crew spent the day before the shoot scouting locations to find the best possible places to film. We searched for locations that had our desired aesthetic, had a variety of looks to film within one place, and that would attract people within our desired demographic. The video scout also gave us the opportunity to see what time of day would have the most foot traffic at each location.  Our scout took us to areas in the downtown district as well as a few different neighborhoods, a park, a farmer’s market, and multiple outdoor malls. By the end of the day, we had confirmed a good variety of filming locations that would best fit our needs – downtown on Fayetteville St, Pullen Park, the State Farmers’ Market, and obtained a permit to film at the North Hills Shopping Center, an outdoor mall that fit our aesthetic perfectly. When it was time to start filming

the next day, our schedule was set, locations confirmed, we knew what to expect, and had a solid plan of action for our video marketing project.

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Along with our clients who were present to oversee the video production, our film crew consisted of two producers, a director, two camera operators shooting on Sony FS7s, an audio operator, and a grip / production assistant.


Our client’s vision for this man-on-the-street style video was to capture heartfelt responses from the people we interviewed. To keep these corporate video interviews authentic, we didn’t cast our interviewees. Instead, we approached people on the street who met our demographic and prompted them to answer what the client believes is a very important question – Who are you responsible for?


corporate video interview

One of our biggest challenges on this set was finding the right people to interview. When we arrived at each location, we had our crew set up for the corporate video interview wh

ile we had other members of the team approach people on the street. Those who were willing to participate, were offered gift cards for giving us their time and tell


ing us their stories. With two days of filming and multiple hours at each location, we could take our time in making sure we got the best answers from our interviewees. We were able to get high quality, authentic corporate video interviews from over 40 people during our two days of filming, providing our client with many options to use for the final video.



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