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Hi ASL Friends,

It’s time to take a quick moment away from kick-off returns and quarterback controversies to see what ASL has been tackling recently.

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Aspen Dental provided free dental care for Jim Herda, as well as, an opportunity to meet NASCAR star, Danica Patrick

August brought us another opportunity to work with Aspen Dental. We continued our series highlighting Aspen Dental’s commitment to helping our nations’ veterans receive free dental care. This story took us to Minnesota and Michigan where we profiled, Navy veteran, Jim Herda. Rev your engines with a portion of our video above. 

Another part of our packed August was working with a new client, Tums. We collaborated with Tums on their football social media campaign. The campaign included actors dressed as a taco, meatball, and coach bacon participating in football drills and celebrating the victory over heartburn. The pictures above will let you inside the huddle.

ASL was once again hired to create engaging corporate content for Lincoln Financial. We interviewed two families having ernest discussions about the necessity of life insurance and long term financial planning.  We utilized dolly sliders and a large HMI backlight to produce flares and keep the visuals captivating.  

The Lipman family were a great example for Lincoln Financial about life insurance being a difficult topic, but well worth it.

Colgate has become a frequent collaborator with ASL. The pictures above are from a recent visit to their Piscataway campus to speak with interns about their rewarding summer.

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